Monday, December 9, 2013

                                                                  Sister Pyne and I

                                                             Black Ninja time

Let it snow!

Kjære familie og venner,
Hi! There is finally snow in Oslo and I could not be happier! The snow makes everything brighter and it tricks my body into thinking that there is actually sun. I have this new energy because of it and it is fabulous! Not only that, but I cannot describe to you the beautiful christmas-decorated city now with snow on top. People have started to wear their perfectly knit Norwegian Christmas sweaters, and we are already singing Christmas hymns in Church, Jul (christmas) is a big deal here. It makes everything happier for everyone!
Our investigator David is doing SO GREAT! I talked a little bit about him last week, but we have met three times since. He schedules appointments because he just wants to keep learning! This week we taught him about the plan of salvation and he loved learning that he could see his father again, who passed away 15 years ago. Well David contacted us a few days later and told us that he had an amazing dream! He said that his dad visited him in and told him that the path he was taking was the right one, and to learn all that he could! HELLO MIRACLE!!!!!!! Søster Pyne and I were in tears. That stuff does not just happen! We are so excited to continue teaching him.
Last night all of the missionaries went to Jul i toner (a Christmas concert) in Romerike. The music was absolutely beautiful. Norwegians know how to entertain audiences. The hosts were in their traditional Norwegian dresses (bonads) and they were handing out boller in Christmas decorated baskets. It was wonderful and even more Christmas spirit to enjoy! Well after the show, I was in the coat room and an American couple started talking to me. I thought they were missionaries in Norway but they are actually serving in the area office in Frankfurt. I asked where they were from and they said Holladay, Utah! No way! I said I am from Holladay as well. Well, the world just kept getting smaller and come to find out they are going to be our NEIGHBORS!!! They bought the closest lot to our house in the horse pastor and are starting to build next month when they go home! There names are the Cravens. Such a small world, but such a fun connection!
I have been overwhelmed with gratitude this week as I have thought about how lucky I am to be here. I never thought I could miss people so much at home, but it wasnt until now that I care for other peoples lives more than my own. I have never stepped this far out of my comfort zone or been rejected so much. I have never realized others potential or loved people before I even know their name. I have never been on my knees so much or never felt Gods love like I do here. I have never worn so many layers of clothing but been so cold. I have never studied so much in my life or have I been able to relate the scriptures to myself as I do now. I have never listened to so many people talk without knowing what they are saying, but I have never felt like I have the gift of tongues like I do now. I have never gone to bed so exhausted or waken up so tired in my life. I have never missed the sun so much, but I have never loved the moon more. I have never seen such beautiful people with such broken hearts. I have never relied on the Lord so much, but I have never felt His love like I do now. I have never sacraficed so much, but at the same time I have NEVER felt more blessed than I do right now.
Missions are amazing things and there is nothing in the world that could make me feel all of these emotions and blessings. I am going to be here for a short time in the scheme of things, but the blessings for myself and ESPECIALLY for others are eternal. <I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.> Alma 29:9
Glad i dere!!
Have a fantastic week,
Søster Frampton

                                                                Elder Tate

Its beginnning to look a lot like Christmas!

Kjare alle,
Hello from Oslo! Can you believe it is Decemeber? Wow that just means so many great things. The city of Oslo is like a fairy tale... Every window display, every street, every person is just beautiful. All they need is snow now. I love Norwegians for so many reasons but one of them is becuase they love Christmas so much. They take counting down to Christmas VERY SERIOUS! Norsk children get a gift everyday until Christmas comes! ITS SO FUN!
Well we had TWO baptisms on Saturday. Søster Pyne and I were running around like crazy all week getting everything and everyone ready. But, once Saturday came it was just a perfect day. If you dont remember they are 20 year old twins from Sweden. They had to wait until they were old enough to move out so they could be baptized on their own, and not by their parents word. They have an incredible story. Emma and Sandra were so prepared and ready to be baptized! They were smiling ear to ear ALL weekend. After they were baptized, they both kept commenting how happy and light they felt. It was awesome! Miracle stories like that make all of the hard times worth it.
We have some Philippines members here in this ward and they invited all of the missionaries over for dinner one night last week. (Oh yes, there are 10 misisonaries in this word) Well, they made us a Philippine delicacy.... it is called Balut. Let me tell you what it is. Well it is a half developed duck fetus that you boil in its shell still. So its kind of like a hard boiled egg but with a duck fetus as the yolk. Yum. When the member was cracking the egg open and showing us how to eat them I felt sick and I kindly refused. But, everyone except my companion ATE THEM! I will send pictures and it will make the experience come to life. It was crazzzzyyy.
Last Tuesday we met an African man on the trikk (trax type public transportation). We set an appointment for Thursday, and told him we would meet him at a really central place in Oslo. Well, on Thursday night 20 minutes goes by and he didnt show up. Instead of just walking back home, we decided to try talking to people. I said a silent prayer to help us find someone that is ready to hear our message. A few seconds later, I spotted David and said to my companion "thats who we are talking to." David is from Barcelona but has lived in Norway for 10 years. He is about 30 and works for the Red Cross. Well, we actually got talking about how our church helps the Red Cross significantly. He was very interested in learning more about what we believe in, so we scheduled a time for yesterday! We met with David last night for our first lesson and brought a member with us that speaks spanish. It was amazing. I wish I could put my feelings into words. We had a great discussion, and commited him to pray and beginning reading the Book of Mormon. He said the closing prayer which was his first one in about 12 years, and it was perfect! The spirit was so strong, and he commented on the feeling he felt during our lesson. I am so excited to continue to meet with him and teach him the gospel!
Last thing, I will need your prayers because I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting in a few weeks. Ahhhhh! Yes, in Norwegian. I am freaking out a little bit, but all will be good. I hope all of you are doing well and are excited for Christmas. I am actually looking forward to focusing solely on Christ instead of presents this year. It is interesting to me that Norwegians love Christmas so much, but they have forgotten why it is even a holiday. I hope all of you will take a few minutes each day and think about Jesus Christ. As we focus on him everyday, we become more like him!
I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do for me.
Have a good week,
Søster Frampton

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week of Thanksgiving!

Helllllllo everyone!
Oh my goodness, I am just smiling ear to ear right now. I had a fantastic week here in Norway. I hardly ever get to feel the sun on my face and I am always freezing cold, but there is no where else I would rather be! We had a baptism on Satuday, and it was incredible! Adrian is his name, and he got baptized on his 17th birthday! Such a cool kid. Like I said last week, he doesnt talk so he only writes on paper to us. His face when he came out of the water was like something I have never seen before. It was just amazing!
This week we have another baptism! We have been teaching these Swedish twins, Emma and Sandra, that I mentioned last week. They have been sifted through a lot of different missionaries, so Sister Pyne and I were really happy to finally be the ones teaching them. They are 21 years old, hilarious and just so ready to be baptized. I am so excited for them!!! They will be friends for life, and definitely kingdom builders too.
A few days ago I had my first dinner at a Norwegian members home! It was a REAL Norwegian meal, fish with the skin on it, potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes, and chocolate pudding for dessert. I dont know if I am ever coming home! And I do not know how my tastebuds finally changed to LOVE fish. I have had chicken and red meat ONCE since I have been here. mmmmm fish.
Norwegian people are very, very interesting people. I am learning more and more about their culture and how they are the way they are. Dont get me wrong, I absolutely love them, but it is really hard for me to understand how they think. When Sister Pyne and I are contacting on the street, people are so surprised we came to Norway to talk about religion. When we ask them if they are interested, most of them say they believe in logic. It is so interesting to me! We actually pulled a young man into our YSA center and taught him the basics about God. He didnt understand how we were so certain that we had a father in Heaven that loved us. He was blown away! He said how can you know for sure? We kept explaining over and over that it was through the Holy Ghost and through personal experiences. He could not understand that, and was persitent in giving us a biology lesson on what chemical produces spiritual feelings in our bodies. We ended up praying with him and we actually have another lesson on Wednesday with him! I just wish everyone here would tap into their FEELINGS instead of their own logic. Keep praying for us.
I have been trying to read the 4 gospels before Christmas, and have learned so much about the savior. Wow! What an amazing man he was on this earth. He helped EVERYONE that he saw, and invites everyone to come unto Him. <Come unto me, all ye that labor & are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.... For my yoke is easy, & my burden is light.> He wants everyone to learn of Him, but we must first take his name upon us and actually strive to become like him and then WE WILL FIND REST!
Well I just want to finish off by telling everyone how grateful I feel right now! This week is a special one to express how and why you are thankful! I have been SO incredibly blessed in my life, and I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for the love that I feel. I know that this is the place where I am supposed to be and the people that I am supposed to be talking to. THANK YOU for your love, support and prayers as I continue to serve here in Norway!!!! Have a fabulous week!
Love always,

Adrian's Baptism
Sister Pyne's Birthday lunch
Sister Pitts
I Love the Streets In Norway!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Halo fra NORGE!!!!
I cannot even believe I am sitting in a library in Oslo right now. It does not even feel real. This week has been INCREDIBLE! I do not even know where to start. This email is going to be all over the place while thoughts just pop into my head so sorry if it is just a complete mess!
President and sister Evans are so fabulous! I feel VERY lucky to be here in Norway working with them. They are perfect for us missionaries. My companion is PERFECT for me. I cannot even tell you. Her name is Mikelle Pyne and she is from Utah and she is my same age. She has been out since April. She is beautiful inside and out! I just know we will be friends for life, we get along so, so well.
So I am right smack dab in the middle of Oslo, and it is wonderful. Our apartment is this tiny little place with huge windows and it is probably a FORTUNE because it is so central. We get up and go running along the streets of Oslo each morning and I cant even think about how cold or tired I am because everything I look at just seems so surreal. Oh yes, it is very cold here. And the saddest thing is, is that all the locals keep saying how unusually warm it is right now! burrrrr. The sun rises when we are studying, probably around 9am but it just sits on the horizon for SO LONG! It is the weirdest thing I have ever seen, and the sun starts setting around 4pm. It is DARK by 4:30pm and I think it is time for bed... 6 hours later I finally get to climb into bed! haha! it is crazy.
I wish I had a whole page to write about food. The food here is perfect. Everything is fresh and so delicious. I am also glad that I am not a huge chocolate fan, because then I would be in trouble. But last night we made salmon with nothing but just a little lemon pepper and it was TO DIE FOR!!! 

People here are STUNNING. I have never seen so many beautiful and classy people in my life. I just wish I could understand them!! I will say something in Norwegian to start talking to them then they will just start talking in English because they know I just struggle! Its all good though, I am definitely grateful that they all speak English, and do not worry I WILL MASTER THE LANGUAGE! Talking about the language, it was the primary program on Sunday here in Norway and I almost cried like 10 times. LITTLE KIDS SPEAKING NORSK IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!! I wish I could have filmed it and had you all see what I am talking about!
We have AMAZING investigators right now that are so prepared for the gospel in their lives. We have a baptism on Saturday of a 16 year old boy named Adrian. He actually does not talk, so all of his lessons have been written!! He is so neat. He talks at home, and he is seeing a counselor about it, but he is READY for the water. We actually set a baptismal date for Nov 30 last night with these 2 Swedish twins! They are hilarious, and we are able to speak English with them so that is good with me! We are teaching a Chinese man named Wang who has been meeting with missionaries for like 3 years, but he actually just started making progress! Tonje is another one of our investigators and she is a street hip hop dancer. She is SOOO GREAT! She wore a studded leather jacket and a Boston Red Sox hat to church on Sunday. We are meeting with two new investigators this week too, so keep us in your prayers! NORWAY IS SEEING MIRACLES!!!
The streets of Norway look like a Christmas snow globe right now, and it is breath-taking. I am so grateful to be here. I cannot think of one thing that I could complain about right now. I love being a missionary, I love these people, and I love my Heavenly Father. Being here just feels so right, and I know there will be people that will be blessed because I am here. I pray for all of you every single day. When the times get tough, ALWAYS hit your knees. Heavenly Father knows and cares and LOVES each and every person on this earth.
Have a fabulous week!
Ha det,
Søster Frampton
My new address:
Pilestredet Park 30 #5
0176 Oslo


This is my companion Sister Pyne
                                                    This is Sister Pace. She is going home and lives in my stake.



Hi from London

So apparently using the Internet is a lot cheaper than using the pay phone... SORRY!!! Forgive me... I am not an experienced euro traveler. It is such a breath of fresh air hearing the british accent rather than the southern one. haha! My flight here was really short. I took an advil PM and was out! It was great. I have a few more hour here so I will probably get on the Internet again in a few hours, but I know that you are sleeping so no worries. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am here and I am safe. I am still alone, haven't found the other missionaries yet, but probably won't until a little later. I won't try calling again because I think it is like  3 bucks a minute or something!!! Love you!!
Sister Frampton #2



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

80 degrees in November!


So the subject is right, it was 80 degrees here in Wilmington the other day! If Novembers could just be like this in Salt Lake! It has been beautiful! 

Last Monday after I wrote my letter, some of the other sister missionaries in this area took me to the beach for my birthday! It was a lot of fun. Obviously we couldn't get in the water, but seeing the coast was beautiful, and it was nice to have a change of scenery. All in all I had a really nice birthday, well as nice as it could be away from everyone that I love.

I am saddened to tell all of you that I participated in my first bible bash here in the south. I resolved to not be involved, and to walk away from anyone that wanted to get in an argument, but this one creeped up from out of no where. My companion and I were eating our sack lunches out side of the church and this man walking home from the University came by and starting talking to us. Naturally we got into the subject of our religion and he went on to tell us that he actually hated all mormons. I got a little defensive and started asking why and I started making similarities to what he believed with what I believed. He did not like that one bit. We got into the topic of the Godhead and how we believe them to be three separate individuals. I brought up Jesus' baptism and Stephen. Well..... I just should have kept my mouth shut. I was trying to tell him about our gospel in the wrong way. I definitely learned my lesson about pride. Oh and by the way my companion was just laughing at me the whole time.

We are teaching one investigator right now. We are doing everything that we can think of to find more people to teach, so keep praying for us. Anyway, this investigator is GREAT! She has been through A LOT of struggles in her life but I seriously love her. We taught her a few days ago about the word of wisdom and she was so overwhelmed. She knew the truth of it and could see the value and the importance of the commandment, but she had no idea how she was going to overcome her addictions. It is really hard teaching a commandment that I have had no experience in. I have never had an addiction with those substances so I have no idea what it is like trying to overcome them. But what I do know is that the Savior knows EXACTLY how it feels, and exactly how to help individuals that choose to rely on him. I am so glad that I am not a representative of myself, and that I am a representative of Jesus Christ, the perfect person and the perfect example to follow. 

One of my favorite quotes for the week: "Don't shine so that others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see HIM."

I hope you all have a fabulous week. I pray for you every day and truly wish the best for everyone. I know that God knows each of his children individually and is mindful of our weaknesses and shortcomings. Thanks for all of your support and love.

Love you all!
Sister Frampton 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OCTOBER 28, 2013 My Birthday

Family and friends,

First of all, thank you so much for your emails and notes for my birthday today! It is just another day here in the mission, but fortunately for me, it is preparation day so I got to receive really nice emails on my 21st! 

This week has been CRAZY! I got transferred to Wilmington which is an area right by the coast of North Carolina. It is beautiful. The ward here is so welcoming and just the most southern gems you will ever meet. They are wonderful. We are living in a members home, but the members are on missions right now so we have the home to ourselves. It is SO NICE! I feel so lucky, especially after living in the Pittsboro apartment. My new companion is Sister Turley, she is great! She is super sarcastic and makes me laugh really hard. I am so glad we get along so well. 

So yes if any of you are wondering, all missionaries in the Raleigh mission use facebook. We are actually required too. President Bernhisel has urged us to try to get on every day for an hour and use it as a proselyting tool. We are still trying to figure out a system that works best for missionary work, but just so you all know! If you can think about ONE person that needs an uplifting message via facebook, message me and tell me their information. Who knows, they might benefit a lot from one message on facebook. 

As of right now, we have one investigator. We have really focused on finding people this week and we have worked REALLY hard. Every single day is is really just a game to find the people that are ready to hear our message. We have tried to use members for referrals as much as we can, but sometimes tracting is the last resort that we have. A few funny stories: 1) We were standing at a glass screen door to a home, while the regular wood door was open. After knocking the woman living there walked to the door with a big smile on her face towards us, so we smiled back. Once she got to the door, she just stood there smiling and shut the regular wood door so we couldn't see inside the house anymore. We thought she was maybe joking... Nope. She just shut the door on us before we even said a word. 2) Another lady came to her door of another house. We asked how she was doing and she said she was great. Then we started explaining who we were and why we were there... then she followed that up with "I am not religious and I am deaf, so I cannot hear you." That statement (which was probably false because she was just previously talking to us) was followed with one big door slam and a laugh between Sister Turley and I. 3) While visiting one of our Less-active members, her dog would not quite bugging me. Not a bad bugging, but a friendly one, so I didn't mind. As we were leaving I bent down to pet the little doggy and SHE BIT ME!!! I wanted to cry so badly, but I brushed it off until we got back into our car. It is currently swollen and a blood bruise looking thumb, but I will be okay. 

Every member's home that we eat at we remind them of Elder Ballard's talk from general conference. He invited everyone to invite/reach out/ share the gospel with just ONE person by Christmas. In doing so, we have the potential to change 14 million lives all around the world. I will encourage all of you reading this to commit to praying everyday and asking for missionary opportunities to share the gospel and bring others closer to Christ. "Sharing the gospel is not a burden, it is a privilege!" 

I wish I had more time to write, but my time is running out. Lastly though, I want to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend and cutest little brother in the world, Austin. Hope you have a fabulous birthday being a zombie and trick-or-treating! Love you buddy!

Thanks again for your support and your prayers.. I need them, and feel them everyday. Have a good week this week, and remember to always look for ways to share the gospel. Love y'all

Ha det bra,
Sister Frampton 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

: Bug bites, snakes, and deer... OH MY

Hello everyone!
First thing is first... TWO MONTHS TODAY!  Yay!
Wow I don't even know where to start! This week has been jam-packed with hilarious, tiring, and super weird experiences. North Carolina is a place of its own! I kind of feel like I am camping all of the time. We live in this tiny aparment in the middle of a forest, and it is a little scary at night. There are churches every other building, and everyone is very proud of the church they attend. The people's accents are just great, and I've started to say y'all again. (Going back to my Texas roots I guess)
Luckily, I have been able to do 1 hour of language study every morning. I wish I could study ALL day, but 1 hour is better than nothing. One of my companions is trying to learn spanish and the other one is practicing her sign language. So, we have a tri-lingual companionship! I am glad that they at least have something to practice during our language study hour.
The branch here in Pittsboro has only 90 members, and about 25% of those people are inactive, so church yesterday was a whole new experience. The people are SO incredibly nice, and I feel very welcomed. We spent our week visiting our investigators and tracting as well. We have two investigators with baptismal dates, and they are SO great! I love teaching. Tracting was a whole new experience for me. They didn't provide a bike for me, so we are lucky enough to have a car full time. Also, because this area is so spread out, it would be impossible for us to visit the people we want to in one day. Anyway, some doors we knocked on people would yell at us, some would be polite but refuse, and some would look through the window and walk away. I learned how to laugh things off, and that way I have a really fun time with it. One lady actually let us in and we ended up having an hour lesson! She was incredible. We are hoping to meet with her later today.
Yesterday, we were about 30 minutes away from our house visiting a less active member in our branch. There was a BEAUTIFUL sunset so we pulled over to take a picture. I thought it would be artsy or maybe even cheesy to sit on this picket fence to take the picture. While posing for this picture, I had a surge of electricty run throughout my body. Come to find out, hidden on the other side of the picket fence was an ELECTRIC FENCE. Yes, I sat on an electric fence, people. I felt a tingly, very uncomfortable feeling in my butt for the rest of the night, but today I am FINE! Glad I got that event checked off the bucket list.
Really quick, here are my animal encounters for the week. I know that God called me to Norway for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because there won't be any bugs. I currently have 13 bug bites on my legs and feet. They might be from flees, mosquitos or ants, I have no idea. Earlier in the week, we were tracting and out slithered a 4 foot black snake... I about wet my pants. Lastly, every morning we go on a run and at 6:30am it is pitch black outside. With the lack of street lights in Pittsboro it is hard to see sometimes. Well, deer like to hang out here in the forest. Lets just say I have learned the noises that deer make before they charge. I'll leave it at that.
I learned a really great lesson on trust this week. I am being transferred again tomorrow to a coastal area called Willmington. A girl there unexpectedly went home, and President Bernhisel thinks that I am the best candidate to be moved over there. As frustrating as it has been to be moved around unexpectedly the last couple of weeks, I have so much peace. I know that the Lord is the one directing this work, and I signed up to help move that along. Well, with that comes his direction and instruction. So, where ever he needs me to go, I am going to go! I am excited to see another part of NC before I head to Norway!
Thanks so much for all of your prayers and emails. I wish I had more time to write people back, but the work is working and my time is limited! I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!
The church is true,
Sister Frampton

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


She has arrived. We love her already!
President and Sister Bernhisel


Hello hello!

I have arrived in the BEAUTIFUL, forresty state of North Carolina! It is the perfect temperature outside and just humid enough that I will not ever need lotion while I am here. 

I woke up at 2:45am this morning... Yes, and I went to sleep at 11pm. The travel office originally put me on a bus that was going to the front runner station that would eventually get me to SLC. I discussed with them that I had no previous idea of a train station trip, but they insisted. In the first 30 seconds of finding my seat on that bus I KNEW I wasn't supposed to be there. I went back into the travel office and explained to them that I didn't think I was supposed to go to to the train station. They asked for more information about where I was going, who my companion was and so on. After I told them that my plane was scheduled to leave at 7am, they realized their mistake. The train would have gotten me to the airport at 6:30am. So, ya. My morning was a bit hectic and anxiety-filled.

Traveling was different and I definitely felt lonely not having a companion. Once I got to North Carolina, my mission presidents were standing right at the security exit. I already love them! President and Sister Bernhisel are their names, and they have been here for about 18 months. President told me that I will able to have one hour of Norwegian study EVERY morning, so I am so grateful about that.

I have been assigned to an area called Pittsboro and there is only a branch. I was put into a threesome companionship so they don't have to make any major changes when I get my visa. My companions are sister Shurtz from Washington, and sister Robinson from Idaho. That's about all I know about them right now. They seem super sweet.

Our P-day will be on Monday's! I was so excited to hear that this is a biking mission! Every other week we trade the car for the bikes with the elders in our area, so I will get some good exercise in. I have yet to figure out how I am going to ride a bike in a skirt, but I am excited to find out!

I am looking forward to unpacking my stuff, getting something to eat and GOING TO BED! This state is seriously beautiful and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be here. 
My address is: 
Sister McCall Frampton
31 Creekside Circle
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Love you all! 
Sister Frampton

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Mom and Dad,

So I guess my time has finally come! Even though it is not what I was expecting or even wanting, I know North Carolina is where I am supposed to be going. This is the Lord's work, not mine! Just like how I had a bad attitude about staying here in the MTC, and I have had such a GREAT experience, I know I will LOVE North Carolina. 

My time at the MTC has been absolutely amazing. I would not change one thing about it. I have learned more about myself, about helping others, and about the gospel in the last 8 weeks than I have my whole entire life. I have had so many opportunities to forget myself and help people around me. I have been able to see people like God does. I love everyone I talk to for the potential they have, not for their past actions and for how they define themselves. I have learned that there is a bigger picture and a bigger purpose for life than how the world sees it. I want EVERYONE to have the gospel in their lives. 

Having said that, I feel so lucky I get to teach in TWO completely different places. Not many missionaries get that opportunity, and if I can be boastful for a second, I think it is because the Lord trusts me to do so! There is a reason I stayed here in the MTC, and there is a reason I am going to North Carolina, nothing is just a coincidence. 

I am so excited to get to work! I feel more prepared than I ever will. I've got my book of Mormon, a smile on my face, and good shoes on my feet-- that is all I need! I hope you all know my love for this gospel. It is the only way that we can be happy/ live with purpose here on this earth! I love the Book of Mormon so much. It is truly God's word and simply the hand book to life. It is there for our benefit only, so crack it open and start reading! I could not be more thankful for prayer. Prayer gets me through the day. I have prayed here countless times per hour, and I ALWAYS receive a feeling of peace and comfort when I do so. God hears our prayers and loves us so much. He only wants the best for us, so let him help you!

I do not know what the future has in store for me, but what I do know is that I've got the Lord on my side! "Doubt your doubts before doubting your faith" 

Vi sees!
Søster Frampton

I will let you know my address when I find that out, and I guess we will find out together when my Pday is. I appreciate your prayers on my behalf, I am always in need of one :) LOVE YOU ALL 


                                         Sister Robbins, niece of Jeff Robbins in our home ward

                                               CHURCH IS TRUE, BOOK IS BLUE



I am so excited!  I will give her a hug and a 'hey' from you!  
She arrives Monday afternoon.  We will take good care of her, fall in love with her,
and hate to say goodbye when she leaves!  That's how it goes with our visa waiters!
She is going to have two trainers....Sister Richardson and Sister Shurtz.  She will love them!  They are fabulous Sister Missionaries!

It is good to hear from you!  I hope all is well!

Love ya,

On Oct 10, 2013, at 5:09 AM, Cozette Carlson wrote:

Hi Julee,
What a great surprise to hear from you!  Yes, McCall is my niece.  She is a darling girl with a very strong testimony and desire to serve.  She was disappointed (but only for a minute)  when her visa didn't come through. . . but has a very positive attitude and will be an asset to your mission. . . I am sure!  Give her a hug from Aunt Coz when you see her.  I follow you a little on facebook. . . and know you and Marc are doing a great work.  Know that you are in our prayers!  Love, Coz

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> Subject: Missionary
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> To:
> Cozette,
> Hey! It's been a long time since we have talked!
> Marc and I just receive word today that we are getting a missionary (a Visa Waiter) in our mission. Her name is McCall Rose Frampton. She is assigned to the Norway Oslo mission, but will be spending time in our mission while she waits for her visa (something the church is doing more and more since the Hastening started! We now have 10 Visa Waiters in our mission and will say goodbye to one in two weeks!
> I saw her name and thought of you. We are wondering if she is related to you! I would love to know!
> Send me an email and let me know!
> Love ya!
> Julee

My Official Travel Plans

Hi Mom and Dad,

 So I guess I am really out of here. It is crazy, and I am super excited to just LEAVE! I have to report to the travel office at 3:30am Monday morning!!! ahhhhhh I will probably get to the airport around 4:30am and my flight leaves at 7:10am. So that means I will be calling BRIGHT AND EARLY! If you guys don't want me to call that is totally fine because I know it is an awful hour to be awake. 

My flight departs from SLC at 7:10 and I land in Georgia at 12:44pm. I only have an hour layover in Georgia because my flight leaves for Raleigh at 1:50pm. I probably won't have much time to call in Georgia but I will have a few minutes. Ultimately and unfortunately, the majority of my phone call time is between 4:30-6:30am! 

The good thing is, once I get my visa they probably will ship me out to Norway instead of me waiting the whole transfer. With that, I will be calling you then too! ...Whenever that may be!

Let me know what will work best for you guys!! I will be on this email for probably 20 more minutes right now, and I will have a half P-day Saturday night to email, do laundry, and pack.  

Write back fast,


Halo! Hvordan gjør det? 

I hope everyone had as good of a week as I did! First thing, we got brand new Swedish and Norwegian missionaries last Wednesday to replace the ones that left. They are all so great!! There are 3 Norwegian sisters and 7 Norwegian Elders... A lot smaller than my group. It has been fun to be some sort of mentor to them. It also helps that they keep telling me how good I am at the language... Little do they know of my struggles. They are improving fast and will be soaring far above me in no time. (One of the sisters is Jeff Robbins niece, Sister Robbins! She is adorable!!)

Conference was amazing for so many reasons!!! I feel so lucky that I got to be with 3,000 missionaries all watching conference in the same room.  It was awesome, but definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. When the conductor of the meeting said that Holland or Bednar was up next to speak you could hear all of the missionaries click their pens, get out their notebooks to start taking better notes and start paying closer attention. (They are the MTC favorites) I got to sit next to my cousin Alisha for three sessions of conference! It was so fun! Also weird/fun that she arrived and left all while I am still here! Best of luck to her in Arkansas. 

I loved all of the talks. I wish I had time to analyze and write about every single one, but I will just pick a few. 

I loved Edward Dube from Saturday morning. I do not know where he is from, but he reminded me of those cute Kenyans! I loved his message to "Never look back. It's not about where you have been but where you are willing to go." I loved that he related that to the early saints of the church, and also to missionary work. Holland's talk was awesome. I was surprised how his super personalized message could really apply to every member of the church. I, like Elder Holland love Stephanie Nielson's story. She has become such a good image for saints and people all over the work to look up to. He said, "Above all, NEVER lose faith in God." Of course, I also loved Ballard's talk about member missionary work! He gave all members a very specific commitment to do by Christmas! By inviting and reaching out to just ONE person, we have potential to impact more than 15 million people around the world! I hope you all have begun to pray about who that person is for you. :) I loved Elder Maynes' talk about building spiritual stamina. It was a creative analogy that really helped me put a perspective on what I need to do to become more converted. So, I don't know if anyone else caught on but when Elder David McConkie was talking about how to be a better Sunday school teacher, he was actually talking about how to be a better MISSIONARY! I felt like that talk was perfect for me. Not to mention, afterwards we sung CALLED TO SERVE!!!!!! We sing this song as an MTC probably at least 2 times a week together. During conference everyone was singing so loud, and the spirit was so strong. I don't know if it was because we were all standing but it touched my heart so differently this time. Knowing that everyone around the world, watching general conference live, was singing called to serve was incredible!

Okay I could keep going on and on about conference talks that I liked, but I will now tell you a little story. So in between conference sessions, I was enjoying my lunch with missionaries in my district. Two elder missionaries came and sat down and we started the normal missionary small talk. After I told them where I was headed they got SO excited to tell me there is an elder FROM Norway in their district. They continued to tell me that this elder's mom just passed away three days previously. He found out, went back to his dorms and packed his bags. He said a prayer and then he knew that he was not supposed to go home, that he was supposed to stay here and prepare to serve his mission in Greece. I was like, "FIND HIM RIGHT NOW I WANT TO TALK TO HIM!" I found this elder and immediately sat down and started blabbing to him. He laughed at my Norwegian, but I didn't care at all, IT WAS A REAL NORDSMAN. His name is Oliver Pederson, he is from a ward called Rumerike, just outside of Oslo. After getting to know each other and him answering my 50 questions, I got a little angel on my shoulder whispering something for me to do. Before I could even think about it the words just came out, "So Elder Pederson, now that we are friends and that you trust me, who in your life needs the gospel that I could find and teach once I get to Norway." Well sure enough, he gave me his brother's address and phone number! I am going to Norway with a referral!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. 

So a quick update on my status... I do not have my visa yet. I was able to talk to Don Love from the church office travel, and he unfortunately doesn't have more information than I already knew. It is just a waiting game at this point. The MTC has put our names in for a temporary reassignment as a back up plan. I will receive my state-side reassignment on Thursday or Friday of this week, then I could be shipped out as fast as Saturday and as slow as the Friday after that. If I get my visa anytime before I get shipped out I will obviously be going to Norway. If it doesn't come before I get on that plane, I will be staying in that state-side mission for at LEAST six weeks. Temporary reassigned missionaries have to stay for a full transfer to keep the dynamics of that mission running smoothly. I wish there was something that I could do, or knew to do, to speed up the processing of the visa. But ultimately I just keep remembering the words to that song, "I'll go where you want me to go!" 

I am so happy to be here and so grateful to be a missionary for the Lord. Hardly do I find myself without a smile on my face! The church is true and the work is hastening. I hope you will all take a second to think about how the gospel has specifically helped and blessed you throughout your life. With all of those blessings and knowledge of the truth, we can all help so many people! Take Elder Ballard's challenge and reach out to those who are in need of the gospel, or even just a friend. Thank you again for all of your sweet notes, prayers and examples to me. 

med kjærlighet,
Søster Frampton 

My cousin Alisha

                                  My Cousin Alisha was in the MTC with me. We were able to sit
                                   together for conference. Alisha is going to Little Rock Arkansas.
                                    Practicing my wall sits... Creative fitness
                                          This sister is going to Cambodia. Same skirt
                                                   These are the Elders I am delayed with
                                     New Norwegian sisters minus sister Henderson in all black