Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hello hello!

I have arrived in the BEAUTIFUL, forresty state of North Carolina! It is the perfect temperature outside and just humid enough that I will not ever need lotion while I am here. 

I woke up at 2:45am this morning... Yes, and I went to sleep at 11pm. The travel office originally put me on a bus that was going to the front runner station that would eventually get me to SLC. I discussed with them that I had no previous idea of a train station trip, but they insisted. In the first 30 seconds of finding my seat on that bus I KNEW I wasn't supposed to be there. I went back into the travel office and explained to them that I didn't think I was supposed to go to to the train station. They asked for more information about where I was going, who my companion was and so on. After I told them that my plane was scheduled to leave at 7am, they realized their mistake. The train would have gotten me to the airport at 6:30am. So, ya. My morning was a bit hectic and anxiety-filled.

Traveling was different and I definitely felt lonely not having a companion. Once I got to North Carolina, my mission presidents were standing right at the security exit. I already love them! President and Sister Bernhisel are their names, and they have been here for about 18 months. President told me that I will able to have one hour of Norwegian study EVERY morning, so I am so grateful about that.

I have been assigned to an area called Pittsboro and there is only a branch. I was put into a threesome companionship so they don't have to make any major changes when I get my visa. My companions are sister Shurtz from Washington, and sister Robinson from Idaho. That's about all I know about them right now. They seem super sweet.

Our P-day will be on Monday's! I was so excited to hear that this is a biking mission! Every other week we trade the car for the bikes with the elders in our area, so I will get some good exercise in. I have yet to figure out how I am going to ride a bike in a skirt, but I am excited to find out!

I am looking forward to unpacking my stuff, getting something to eat and GOING TO BED! This state is seriously beautiful and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be here. 
My address is: 
Sister McCall Frampton
31 Creekside Circle
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Love you all! 
Sister Frampton

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