Wednesday, October 23, 2013

: Bug bites, snakes, and deer... OH MY

Hello everyone!
First thing is first... TWO MONTHS TODAY!  Yay!
Wow I don't even know where to start! This week has been jam-packed with hilarious, tiring, and super weird experiences. North Carolina is a place of its own! I kind of feel like I am camping all of the time. We live in this tiny aparment in the middle of a forest, and it is a little scary at night. There are churches every other building, and everyone is very proud of the church they attend. The people's accents are just great, and I've started to say y'all again. (Going back to my Texas roots I guess)
Luckily, I have been able to do 1 hour of language study every morning. I wish I could study ALL day, but 1 hour is better than nothing. One of my companions is trying to learn spanish and the other one is practicing her sign language. So, we have a tri-lingual companionship! I am glad that they at least have something to practice during our language study hour.
The branch here in Pittsboro has only 90 members, and about 25% of those people are inactive, so church yesterday was a whole new experience. The people are SO incredibly nice, and I feel very welcomed. We spent our week visiting our investigators and tracting as well. We have two investigators with baptismal dates, and they are SO great! I love teaching. Tracting was a whole new experience for me. They didn't provide a bike for me, so we are lucky enough to have a car full time. Also, because this area is so spread out, it would be impossible for us to visit the people we want to in one day. Anyway, some doors we knocked on people would yell at us, some would be polite but refuse, and some would look through the window and walk away. I learned how to laugh things off, and that way I have a really fun time with it. One lady actually let us in and we ended up having an hour lesson! She was incredible. We are hoping to meet with her later today.
Yesterday, we were about 30 minutes away from our house visiting a less active member in our branch. There was a BEAUTIFUL sunset so we pulled over to take a picture. I thought it would be artsy or maybe even cheesy to sit on this picket fence to take the picture. While posing for this picture, I had a surge of electricty run throughout my body. Come to find out, hidden on the other side of the picket fence was an ELECTRIC FENCE. Yes, I sat on an electric fence, people. I felt a tingly, very uncomfortable feeling in my butt for the rest of the night, but today I am FINE! Glad I got that event checked off the bucket list.
Really quick, here are my animal encounters for the week. I know that God called me to Norway for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because there won't be any bugs. I currently have 13 bug bites on my legs and feet. They might be from flees, mosquitos or ants, I have no idea. Earlier in the week, we were tracting and out slithered a 4 foot black snake... I about wet my pants. Lastly, every morning we go on a run and at 6:30am it is pitch black outside. With the lack of street lights in Pittsboro it is hard to see sometimes. Well, deer like to hang out here in the forest. Lets just say I have learned the noises that deer make before they charge. I'll leave it at that.
I learned a really great lesson on trust this week. I am being transferred again tomorrow to a coastal area called Willmington. A girl there unexpectedly went home, and President Bernhisel thinks that I am the best candidate to be moved over there. As frustrating as it has been to be moved around unexpectedly the last couple of weeks, I have so much peace. I know that the Lord is the one directing this work, and I signed up to help move that along. Well, with that comes his direction and instruction. So, where ever he needs me to go, I am going to go! I am excited to see another part of NC before I head to Norway!
Thanks so much for all of your prayers and emails. I wish I had more time to write people back, but the work is working and my time is limited! I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!
The church is true,
Sister Frampton

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