Saturday, October 12, 2013


Hello people,

So I was informed this morning that me and one other elder in our branch have not received our visas. Unfortunately, our whole branch flies out on Monday so I will not be joining them. Also unfortunately for me, everyone leaves work at 4:45, I do not have a cell phone, mtc travel office is terrible at communication, and no one works until Monday morning at 9am. I am sure that you can imagine my frustration. In my mailbox tonight I received a paper telling me that I have permission to make one phone call to the Norwegian Consulate to talk to them myself about my visa. The first thing I was wondering is, "I turned in my visa application in May, why am I the one trying to figure out what the problem is? I feel like I am doing someone else's job." The second thing I noticed is that the Norwegian Consulate is only open from 9am-3pm, which is 1am-7am UTAH TIME. So I am still deciding if I am going to call at one in the morning or at six in the morning tomorrow. 

Anyway, the fact of the matter is I am stuck here in the mtc. Our branch is moving to the West Campus on Tuesday right before the new Norwegian and Swedish missionaries arrive on Wednesday. I will be moving with them! If I do not have a visa by next Friday I will be reassigned for 6 weeks to a state side mission. 

As hard as this has been for me all day to realize I am not traveling with everyone, I am really trying to stay positive. For the relief society meeting tomorrow, we are singing "I will go where you want me to go" and it could not apply more to my situation. I have prayed all day, not for my visa, but for the attitude to get me through this and keep a smile on my face. 

All I ask is that you would keep me in your prayers. I will keep you updated with the information that I know and that they give me. I am so sad that I won't be calling and all of my friends will be, but again, my time will come. 

The miracle doesn't come until after the trial of your faith, right? 

Love you, 

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