Monday, January 6, 2014

Nytt år! January 6th 2014

Kjære alle,
Happy new year! Okay so yes, New Year's Eve was incredible. Looking over Oslo city was seriously a dream come true. I didn't get a New Year's kiss, or was I able to sleep in after staying up until 1am, but what I did get is a big, fat cold! As you can see in some of the pictures I sent home, all the missionaries serving in Oslo spent the evening at the senior couple's apartment. Around 11:30p we went outside as the fireworks were beginning to start. Everyone except for me grabbed their coats. I was just too excited and distracted by the celebration! So yes, I spent an hour on the balcony outside watching the snow fall and fireworks all across the city exploding. Did I mention that Norway has no firework laws? Yes, drunken people were lighting mortars left and right. It was magical, and a bit chilly.
Something I did accomplish successfully though, is the Book of Mormon!!! Wow, I do love that book a lot. It never ceases to amaze me. It truly is God's word and the most perfect book for the most imperfect life! ...aka my life! I have never had such a strong testimony or love for those 530-something pages!
This last week, we visited this perfectly ancient and Norwegian couple. He is 94 and She is 88. They are both walking around like its nothing... A few pairs of glasses and some hearing aids and they are as good as new! Seriously though, they are my favorite people in Norway. He was trained and performed as an opera singer his whole life. After eating with them, we went into their living room and he turned on an old record of him performing 'Abide with me' from about 50 years ago. It was awesome! What was even better though, was when Søster Pyne started playing 'Deilig er Jorden' and I nudged Brother Gaarder to accompany her. He popped up so fast and marched over to lean on the piano. I thought, 'No way is this happening.' What happened after this is too good for words to describe. His 94 year old lungs opened up and he sang an angelic opera performance that was even better than his 45 year old record performance! It ended with tears running down my face and a hug that probably wasn't allowed. It was an experience I will never forget.
Saturday, the Christmas celebrations finally came to a close. The ward had a traditional Jul tre fest, which is when they finally take down the Christmas tree. Almost 200 people were there, so that was really good for the ward, even one of our investigators came! The missionaries were asked to perform 3 Christmas numbers to bring American traditions to the party. We got a little carried away and put some special twists on Jingle Bells, Rockin around the Christmas Tree, and Rudolph. I have been involved in more musical numbers on my mission than I ever have in my whole life. Its not because I am musically talented by any means, it is just because as a missionary you can't say NO! Well, the party continued with the ward members holding hands, singing, and dancing around the Christmas tree until Santa came! He passed out bags of candy and took a few pictures with kids that were brave enough to sit on his lap. I sent a picture home, but this Santa looked like he could star in a scary movie! Ho ho ho!
I will end on an amazing experience we had with our investigator Umar this week. Umar has been searching for God ever since I first arrived here. He has been keeping his commitments here and there, but we really wanted him to actually progress. We had a lesson with him about how the Holy Ghost will communicate with him, and it was really insightful. We then got down on our knees together to say a closing prayer. We asked him to pray, like we always do in hopes that he would finally pray with us, and he did! He was very nervous, but said a beautiful, simple and sincere prayer. It went a little like this, "Dear God, I thank you for leading me to these fantastic people. Please help me to find the truth. A lot of time in my life I have forgotten you, but I know you haven't forgotten me. You know what is in my heart and I can't know the truth with out your help. Please help me to know you are there. Thank you. Amen." The spirit was so strong, it was almost tangible. Søster Pyne and I sat back with tears in our eyes and told him the feeling that was there was the spirit! With shaking hands and a fast-beating heart he told us that he could feel it!!!! It was at that moment that I was again reminded why I am on a mission. It is hard to be away, there is no argument with that. But it is the look in their eyes when they seriously find their Father in Heaven and feel of His love that I am so glad that I am here.
We are all human, and we are going to continue to forget simple gospel truths that have been testified to us at one time. But, I have learned that if you sincerely study and pray just a little bit every single day, your testimony will not ever faulter! "Conversion is not an event, it is a process!"
The work is working! Thank you for all of your love, prayers and thoughts!
Love you all,
Søster Frampton

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